Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally ready to roll!!!

Hello loves!!!

We've got the Tarot of the Boroughs site up and ready to roll. We have just opened pre-sales for our Limited Edition copies of the deck. Check 'em out!

Tarot of the Boroughs

Maybe you've seen gnarled old ladies reading Tarot cards on 7th
Avenue. Maybe your college roommate gave you a reading. Maybe you
even own a deck yourself and maybe you even use it once in awhile. In
case you haven't had a reading, or seen one on t.v., or in the movies,
Tarot cards can help you understand the present and maybe even figure
out a few things about the future through the little pictures on the
cards. Unfortunately, most of those pictures confuse people, which is why
most people consult Tarot readers instead of reading their own. But
now, enter "Tarot of the Boroughs!"": a glamorous oracle
that can tell you everything you never wanted to know about your past,
present and future--and easy to read. Tarot of the Boroughs is a full 78 card
Tarot deck composed of spectacular original photography, set in New
York City. Inspired by the classic Tarot, Tarot of the Boroughs
captures the Tarot's timeless images in contemporary incarnations.
Tarot of the Boroughs replaces the esoteric with the familiar, easily
taking the reader into the heart of the Tarot’s stories. Mystical
tarot decks are easy to find. Tarot of the Boroughs is unique and
features New Yorkers from all walks of life as well as well-known
writers, visual and performing artists including Moby, Jonathan Ames,
Reverend Jen Miller, Lilith Dorsey, Velocity Chyaldd, Larkin Grimm,
Reverend Billy and Imakhu Mwt Shekemet among many, many others! The
deck will include a little how-to book that will help you along, if
you've never read the cards before.

Before these beauties hit the stores--we are pre-selling 150 limited edition
copies at $30 each. (Price will go up to $6,000,000 after the first
150 are sold.) These copies will arrive in your mailbox autographed by
George and Courtney and include free-shipping, a free-blessing and a
bag of sacred mojo. That's right!!! FREE SHIPPING! FREE BLESSING!

Order now and give us a couple of months. Then, share with friends!
The sooner we sell 150,. the sooner you can uncover the secrets of the
Universe! It will be soooo worth it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good news....and dumb people....


Now, here's why I can be even happier that I did...

So I can call out morons like this guy here who are calling themselves High Priests....


So I can call out writers of article posted above who say nasty-ass shit like this:

Practitioners of Wicca are nothing more than 14 year old girls emotionally and spiritually, and are too poor and stupid to join a better cult or religion. Seriously, Wicca is just Satanism with Downs Syndrome. Blessed Be!

Seriously. It's only 7:25 in the morning and already I feel like putting a fist through the wall. I won't, because that would hurt, but yeah. Feel like it.