Monday, September 5, 2011

TAROT FOR VERMONT! Get a reading and help good people get back on their feet.

In years past, when I wasn't able to drive to New Orleans or Texas or discover a cure for cancer, I read Tarot. In the aftermath of Katrina, in the shadow of a friend's divorce, or in the throws of a classmate's battle with the Big C, I read cards and gave the money to the causes or bank accounts set up for them. I'm doing it again. As I mentioned in my last post, my friends in Vermont were devastated by Hurricane Irene. Tarot has been the one thing I've consistently been able to do to help when I'm not medically or legally trained and indefinitely car-less. But for the month of September, I can help by donating my Tarot proceeds to the Bethel Relief Fund.

Pricing is as follows!

Phone and Skype readings:
15 mins--$30
30 mins--$45
60 mins--$60

Email readings are available, too! $20 per question, answered via email within 48 hours.

Contact me at for scheduling!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Before the catch up, Vermont needs our help

I have a long tale of East and West coast adventures and misadventures--but before storytime comes work. Our friends in Vermont need our help. Communities are coming together up there to shovel mud out of the homes of strangers and put back together an infrastructure decimated by Hurricane Irene.

Please donate what you can to this grassroots, Pagan-led work force trying to put their immediate community back together:

Maybe Mother Nature will give us enough time between natural disasters so that I can regal you with crazy-ass tales!!!