Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Funny IM with a Scorpio.

(Backstory: Had to go to Chinese consulate to get a visa for my boss. Then, made arrangements to get pain meds to the Ex to whom Pan refuses to give a break. Then, received an email about another negative dream someone has had about me--and had to text my adviser about how to combat further astral crap. Then, IM'd with a Group member who is deeply concerned about running into an ex--if the banishing she did was not effective. Then...CRR the Scorpio got online.)

CRR: just poking my head out to say hi!
I need to take off in a few minutes.

GirlCalledWoo: Hey! Swamped today?

CRR: yeah

GirlCalledWoo: Okay, babe. :)

CRR: how's your morning going?

GirlCalledWoo: A little crazy.
Chinese consulate.
Drama in the Coven ranks.
Work is nutty.

CRR: Great. You got the Chinese involved.
You remember the last time the Chinese got involved with your shenanigans.

GirlCalledWoo: All I remember is the morphine drip.

CRR: I had to have my lower intestine rebored because of that gay bengal tiger.
So next time, please, avoid Red China in your adventures.

CRR: anywho, I'm off.
check in a bit later.
Sent at 12:29 PM on Wednesday

(It was funny at the time.)

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