Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Youtube, Inspiration and Diatribe

(But not in that order)

I'm so excited for Beltaine, I'm tapdancing under my desk all day and skipping back and forth to the subway. In the nature of the Broom-Jumping, Handfasting Holiday I'm encouraging all ye Beltaine-Ritual-Planners out there to remember our brothers and sisters who are legally barred from Handfasting/Marrying the people they love. Consider including Marriage Equality in your Beltaine intentions. Our crew is dedicating our entire Beltaine Sabbat to raise energy to move forward Marriage Equality in New York State. We hope other communities will join us in sending energy to this very important endeavor!

I had the privilege of hearing Sister Iesha speak, this past Tuesday night. I strongly encourage everyone to go to the link and read about her and the work she is doing with NYC youth.

Both of these videos are very tongue in cheek. Please enjoy them for their message, and please do not be too sensitive about individual things they pick on. There are many fine leaders who use the title of Lady or Lord (I prefer "Broad" myself), and wonderful, empowering traditions that require Eldership before Leadership. These videos poke fun at abusive groups and leaders that are not fine, wonderful or empowering.

Bad Pagan Leadership: Joining a Coven

Bad Pagan Leadership: Pagan Unity Council


George Courtney said...

Lol awesome, I love the last line in the unity council one, "I think I will give up on this and become Unitarian."

George Courtney said...
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