Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh...The Lady's good to me...and so I thank the Lady!!!

Guess what, guys???

Last year, my Mom and I had a fight on Thanksgiving about me being Wiccan. It "made her sick to her stomach." Which made me sad. Obviously.


I was nervous coming home this year, thinking I'd be in for another fight. I wore my pentacles most of the weekend, except when my mother's new best friend "Dina" came over. I foolishly thought Dina, being Southern, would be freaked out by them and there was no sense in freaking out my mother's new friend at Thanksgiving.

To my delighted surprise, Dina asked me to give her a Tarot reading.

I did.

My mom even helped! She asked if there was anything special I needed or if it would be a problem if she were in the room when I did the reading. Dina loved her reading and said it was helpful. Mom got to see me read Tarot and see that it's not a "creepy, icky thing" I was doing, nor was it a "tongue in cheek, I don't really mean it, right?" thing. Plus, it gave her the chance to go call my grandmother and not feel her guest was being ignored.

Dina, as it turns out, is interested in alternative spirituality. She moved to Oregon to get away from the Bible Thumping she received as a child. My mommy's new BFF is a Goddess Worshiper. This, clearly, is a very good thing for me. AND for my relationship with my mother.

Short entry because I'm off to meet my friend Jenny for lunch. You can read her story here. She's inspiring. She doesn't like it when people say she's inspiring, but tough shit, kid. You inspire me.

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