Saturday, January 10, 2009


How do I put this?

I am applying to a predominantly Christian Seminary school because I believe it will overall help the Wiccan movement.

This will fly just fine. I am a Witch after all. (Right???? Does that cross the line of Never Boast, Never Threaten?)

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Henry and Genevieve said...

As a Christian, and soon to be seminarian, I think it would be VERY helpful for aspiring mainline ministers to have real interaction with an actual pagan. It is easy to carry stereotypes when the people you are judging are imagined and not real (this would also speak to the question "Why is this shit still happening").
Through the church of my upbringing, I grew up with a terror (not suspicion,not dread--terror) of anything even vaguely occult (which included witchcraft, tarot, astrology, and most rock albums--which we were encouraged to burn, and we did). Getting to know actual witches and understand the depth and quality of their spirituality made all the difference.
All religions are currently struggling with fundamentalism. We are (hopefully) collectively seeing the danger. We are also starting to see our societal institutions fail (governments, economies, churches, schools, and even 'traditional' families). If ever there were a time to challenge the norm and cross-pollinate ideas, this is it.
I think Wicca can learn a lot from the failures and successes of the institutional church, and future ministers can learn a lot from a witch.