Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions.

To stop using packaging I cannot recycle.

This may not always be a possibility. But it's something that has to happen.

I dreamed I was having lunch with the Goddess in Her Crone form. (The elderly lady who often comes at wintertime.) I was eating a bag of chips along with my sandwich.

"The chips last a lunchhour," She said. "The bag never goes away. How much space on this planet do you really want to use up? You only get so much."

So, no more decaf coffee cups, little packages of almonds, spicy Udon noodle soup from the Midnight to Midnight market. Until the world learns to manufacture biodegradable everything. It's so possible. We just never make the time.

In the City, sometimes it's hard not to confine the faith to the bedroom altar. We have to get out in nature and remember Her beauty, because that's truly where the Goddess resides--not just in the cute little statue you bought on Ebay.

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