Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Why is this MY problem?"

I spoke with K last night about her run-in with the douchebag husband of her group member. She hasn't heard anything further from him and hasn't had the opportunity to speak with her group member about it.

"What I don't get," she said, "Is why this is my issue to deal with. Their spiritual paths, how they raise their son, what they talk about--that has nothing to do with me. Why do I have to be the one to deal with her husband's fears? This shouldn't be my problem."

"Actually," I said. "It's your group. You're the leader. is your problem. You have to be the spokesperson. You have to calm down the jittery family members. You have to help out your Group members if and when they have a problem with their families over this. That's what a leader does. Bottom line, it IS your problem."

There was silence long enough that I thought we'd lost the call.

Finally she said, "Well, THAT bites."

"Welcome to the Clergy," I replied.

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