Friday, August 28, 2009

Email exchange.

I've made up names for my friends. Some of these names are dumb. This is for their privacy--not because my friend actual call themselves corny shit. If I haven't thought of a name yet, I'm using an initial.

So Birdie called me very upset this am.

Here was her dream:

She was out with friends: me, L, A, Ash and her. We were at a perfume boutique place and then we all went out for wine and cheese. Then she and Ash went back to Birdie’s house. A baby boy who was sleeping. Ash and Birdie were in the living room and everything was hard wood floors. They were sitting on the floor. In the right hand corner she noticed a spirit and dismissed it. Then Ash looked over and saw it. Then Ash said she started hearing female voices and Birdie looked over and they saw two female faces. Ash started freaking out and then the women started speaking jibberish (sounded like whispers) and Ash freaked out and became hysterical. So Birdie stood up and put her right hand out and said 'In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave.' She said it 3 times and after the third time she felt like someone was choking her and she woke up gasping for air.

Then when she woke up out of the corner of her eye she saw tow white spirits leave her bedroom. D comforted her and then went to the bathroom. When he left the room she sat up in the bed and held her belly and said whoever you are this has to stop and you can not harm me or my baby. Then she called on her protectors and her babies protectors to help them. Then the sun went up outside the window and she Laid back down in the bed and she saw out of the corner of her eye all these little creatures popping in and out of her vision. Peeking in on her.

She is very scared, She worries that these beings are out to get the baby. She says she hasn’t had a dream of Pan in a week and she is upset because she has been to 3 book stores and can not find the Pagan Parenting book I suggested. She worried that the baby has unfinished business and someone is after him.

Here's how I responded:

White spirits are usually protectors or Ancestors. Two women whispering in the corner of the room do not seem to be dangerous--although they can scare new mothers, who are protective. My guess is that these two beings are Guardians or Ancestor spirits, and if so, it's natural that they would respond with some kind of choke-attack if someone were trying to curse them away. If they are guides or ancestors, nothing in this world will get them to leave and they will fight for their place. They're bound to the baby (I keep thinking son as I type this). If she were seeing grey or dark spirits, I would think there may be more reason of concern. As for things peeking at her, cursing at spirits is naturally going to upset the Fabric and draw the attention of other spirits in the vicinity. (Think of rubber-necking at a car accident.) I don't automatically think those were harmful, either.

Best thing to do is sage and Holy Water the apartment--which is what she should be doing, anyway. If these are benevolent beings, it won't impact them and will actually help them do their job. If they're malevolent, it will help chase them away--but I honestly don't think that is the case. I think Birdie got frightened because she saw something unfamiliar and assumed it was bad. Time for her to chill, go home, sage and Holy Water and get the home back into peaceful order. After that, she needs to talk to the beings she saw. A good thing to say is, "I don't know you and you are in my home. Reveal yourselves to me and state your business in a form that will not frighten me or others in this house."

Remind her that babies attract a lot of spirits, naturally, and visits will be common. Most will be neutral. Some will be good. Very few will be bad. Adolescents are the ones folks need to watch out for--they're a favorite among malevolent spirits, but babies are a favorite among positive ones. And Gods pull vanishing acts periodicaly, for whatever reason, so Pan's sudden silence shouldn't be any major cause of concern, either. Izzy never felt or saw Pan once during her entire pregnancy, but had a beautiful dream shortly after the girls were born in which Pan hugged and kissed her and said, "Welcome back."


When I did speak to Birdie later, I also reminded her that pregnant women are nuts and she has to remember that she's running around with a few fewer marbles in her head and that's perfectly normal--but to remember to stay calm. I hope that wasn't a mean thing to say. And I hope my advice was helpful.

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