Wednesday, December 3, 2008

G-Chat with my Muggle Boyfriend

I don't think he knows I blog.

: I just picked up a case of beauty products for the party
it's insanity
What kinds???
10:49 AM CC: there's about 70 pieces of make-up
moslty blush
I'm just going to sell for a $1 each, honor system
10:50 AM a few I'll put up for auction, there are some scents and make-up kids
10:52 AM me: Are you serious? yes, mame
10:53 AM The ammount of make-up we get is criminal
the InStyle people just basically filled a boot box with stuff
10:56 AM me: You're not going to charge me for make-up, are you? ;)

8 minutes
11:05 AM CC: sweets, think of the children

5 minutes
11:10 AM me: :p

11 minutes
11:22 AM me: You're really going to charge your girlfriend for the make-up you got for free? I don't think that sounds like a gentlemanly thing to do...;)
CC: deal with it, girly
me: Okay, then....
How much are you paying me to read Tarot at your party? ;)
11:23 AM CC: you'll get special attention
me: Forget it.
Sweetie, how many people will be at your party?
11:24 AM CC: probably around 20, down from last year, because the whole hoboken crew can't make it
me: Okay.
For a party of 20 people, I would normally charge $200.
11:25 AM CC: Perfect, when I was a male prostitute I charged $300
me: Babe, all I'm saying is that if you're really going to charge me for make-up, I'm really going to charge you for my readings.
11:27 AM CC: okay, you win
me: :)

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