Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you are a Witch, make some damn Magick.

Contrary to popular Wiccan belief, the “Old Ways” probably did not involve calling in the four corners, drawing down the moon, etc.

Witches of old dug shit out of graveyards, kept the entrails of dinner, snipped hair and drew their own blood to mix into things that would either bless or curse. It’s probably true that some witches did come together to leap over bonfires in the dead of night and summon the Gods of Old (read Montague Summers, who wrote a scathing portrayal of the Craft. It’s nasty, but even bad rumors can illuminate some of the things that probably happened, although killing Christian babies and sex with Satan is certainly an elaboration. In most cases.)

We don’t know much about the Old Ways. I could go on about the fallacy of The One Great Goddess Who Once Ruled All Religions Before Christianity Fucked It Up (Because there were a bunch of Goddesses, and different Gods too. Depends on where you went in the world. Plus, a number of areas converted willingly.) Instead, I’m going to lecture you on making magick.

Do you consider yourself a Witch? If so, how often do you cast spells? Do you know how to make a proper tincture? Can you uncross a cursed person? Can you create any healing potions? Do you know how to curse, even if you choose not to?

If you call yourself a Witch, you sure as hell better know how to do at least some of the above. Otherwise, what the Hell are you doing with yourself?

Our Group’s Yule celebration is this Sunday. We’re having a Magickal gift exchange where everyone is required to make a charm, potion, tincture, etc and bring it to the ritual. We’ll each walk away with a gift we never knew we needed.

Because Witches make magick. That’s why we are who we are.

I'm asking Santa for a money potion under the Yule tree. :)

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