Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yesterday, I was mugged by a three-year-old.

In a Church.

I was! My friends (for some reason...) were performing at the re-opening of St. John the Divine, which by the way, is spectacular and must be seen immediately if you're in the NYC area. I carried with me a fake Barbie called "Rebecca" made by a Japanese company. The English translation on the box is quite poor which made it even better. My boyfriend was holding a toy drive at his party and due to my moment of insanity the other night, I felt it doubly important that I not only bring a pretty toy, but one with several outfits.

While watching my friends painfully modify their normally x-rated material into something that could POSSIBLY be performed at the re-opening of a grand cathedral, a little girl ran up to where my Rebecca doll lay and said to her Mommy, "I want that!"

Mommy said no, which made the child irate. "But Mommy, I WANT that!!!"

Again, Mommy said no.

The dialogue continued for another few moments when the fed-up child declared, "I'm TAKING IT. IT'S MINE!!!" and ran off with my Rebecca doll. She didn't get far. She refused to follow her mother's wishes to return the doll. So, I tried. I squated down and said gently, "Sweetheart, that's my doll. I really wish you'd give it back." The child finally understood and said, "Okay. You can have it back," and returned Rebecca to me.

See? The first messenger was right. Communication is key.

Then, I got a beautiful voicemail from my sister telling me she admired me for "doing what I do" in the faces of our disapproving parents and that she supported me. All this in St. John the Divine. A Kwanzaa miracle!!! And by that, I do really mean Kwanzaa. (My sister will get this, but don't ask me to explain to anyone else.)


Tarot makes people do strange things. Fortunately, last night, this was not the case.

I read for three lovely women. The rest of the guests were civilized about it. I'm often gang-rushed by the curious and the voracious. Many people don't even ask for a reading, they simply say, "I'M NEXT!!!" which in case no one told them, is very rude.

However, last night people quietly expressed interest, but no one pushed for one. Therefore, I didn't push back. Tarot reading is exhausting and decreases my alcohol tolerance. If I'm reading and drinking, I get drunk far faster than if I didn't.

My boyfriend looked at me strangely each time I emerged with one of his guests. "Geez, you were IN THERE long enough..." I should have told them I was having sex with them. But I don't know his friends well enough to know if that would have been too inappropriate.

Truthfully, I read for each lady for about thirty minutes, but it felt like five. We touched on serious, personal issues none of them were prepared for, but my cards like to do that. They start opening up childhood issues that need addressing. As a Priestess, I always encourage people to seek a spiritual path immediately. Most people do not have one. It's one thing our mainstream society is desperately missing. People simply don't realize that a healthy spiritual life is a vital part of overall health. It's the first thing people put on the chopping block, mostly because of past experiences.

One thing I rarely encourage though, is for people to become Wiccans.

Wiccans do not promote. We do not recruit. This is not because we don't want people in our faith, but we don't believe in the concept of "saving souls." Only oneself can save their own soul--not from Hell, but from becoming lost along the way. And one must do that by finding their own path, not by following a path someone tells them is right for them.

I know a Witch when I see one. If I come across one that hasn't been practicing, somehow we begin speaking as though we've known each other for years and are picking up on a conversation we left off from the day before. We cluster, hive, buzz off to do our own work and come back together when we need each other. Usually on the holidays. Getting a Witch at a Tarot reading is delightful. It's like unwrapping a present long overdue.

I'll be reading for lots of witches today, which I'm excited about. Meanwhile, I'm going to raid my BF's fridge for more Italian ham.

I wish so much that individuals in this country could find their spiritual feet. Not necessarily their religious ones. Religion should come second to spirituality. Make contact with your gods first, and find a house for them later.

In other news, I don't think it snowed last night and I am shocked.

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