Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Questions

I find these kicking around in my head after a ritual:

-What went well?
-What didn’t work?
-Did people get something out of it?
-Did I get something out of it?
-Did we fully, properly invoke?
-Did we properly ground?
-Does anyone want to come back for next ritual?
-Did people feel it or did it feel like they were playing pretend?
-What can I do next time to ensure I don’t feel like I’m falling apart when I finish?

It’s taken me two days to finally get my energy back after last Yule. I must learn how to better concede control and stop trying to do everything myself.

And I think about the spells I cast and hope that I do right by all accounts when I do so, and hope any Karma yet to arrive doesn’t eat me whole.

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