Monday, December 8, 2008

Tarot for Witches

Is fun.

When I read for Witches, often I don't even have to read.  I just throw the cards down.  The Witch will either laugh or cry.  I don't have to say a word.  They get the message because someone else threw it.

Yesterday, I read cards at the NYC Pagan Pride Yule Celebration.  That was fun.  I'm enjoying getting to know other Witches in the NYC area.  A beautiful woman who spends a lot of time in Santeria gave me a bag of clairvoyance incense and told me to put it on my cards.

I sprinkled some in the bag.

"Oh, you're not that cheap, are you???  Roll your hands in it, shake it all up!  Throw some in your lap!"  In short time, I was covered in rich, musky incense powder the lady made herself.

Then...we got into a sticky conversation.

First of all, did you know there is a Goddess of the Hudson River?  She made Herself known to me and my Group when I went to Her shores to make an offering to Oschun--the Santeria river Goddess of love and beauty.   Over the next few days, several of my Group members (not knowing I had gone to the Hudson to worship) said they were dreaming of a "Lady of the Lake" type character, but from the River.  They know Oschun and would have known if it were Her.  We pieced it together.  I'd unknowingly stepped on the shores and worshipped the wrong Diety in the wrong Temple!  Oops!

I did, just so you all know, make it up to the Hudson and brought Her a present of rain water I gathered in May and said I was sorry.

Anyway, I was asking about the Hudson and the lady said, "Ah, yes!  I know Her!  She is beautiful and She wishes to wed the ocean.  Go to Her if you've been wrongly accused of something.  Bring fish and rice and share a meal with her, but never anything brown.  Pray She does not ask you to share Her food with Her...or you'll be eating worms!"

She had to be kidding.  Right?

Oh, no.  She wasn't.

The incense lady said that waterbugs are delicious in honey and rolly-pollies are tasty when sprinkled on a salad.  

"If you want to know the Gods," she said.  "You must eat their feasts when offered."

I couldn't have been more thankful that Brid is a Goddess of beer and cheese.

Eating bugs and gross stuff in order to be more like the Gods?  I just don't think I could ever do that.

"Not now, maybe," she said.  "It's like Kindergarten to College.  You'll be able to do more as you progress.  But to know their true power you must eat like them."

I don't know.  If Oschun wants me to eat waterbugs dipped in honey...maybe I'm in the wrong circuit.

I'm going to talk to my Voodoo/Santeria advisor about this.  Eating bugs makes you God-like?  Witchcraft is weird, but some things are insane.

In other news, reading Tarot in my boyfriend's bedroom gave him nightmares.  I didn't properly cleanse the room when I left it.  As in...I drank another three Sangrias and didn't cleanse the place at all.  Poor guy has been dreaming about being trapped in a place with a bunch of doors that lead nowhere and being surrounded by people he can't talk to.  I suggested he mix up sea salt in spring water and shake it into the four corners of his room.  He said he would.  I guess he isn't so Muggle after all!

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